Friday, November 27, 2009

How Things Are Going Today!

Steve has finished his treatments for his lung cancer. His cancer has shrunk by almost 60%, and there is nothing but a residual effect in his lymph nodes.

His weight is stable at 192. He is eating good, and his hair is beginning to come back.

He tires out pretty quickly, and he starts to cough whenever he gets up off the couch. He pretty much coughs until he sits back down again.

He has been drawing a retirement check and a temporary disability check from where he worked since June 8th, but the temporary disability will run out on Dec 15th which will make things pretty tight until he gets his first Social Security check on Jan 26th.

I have not been handling the stress to well. My blood pressure has been high even after taking to pills to treat it, and I started having a tightness across chest so I went to see my doctor who ordered an EKG. The EKG suggested that I have a blockage somewhere so that I am not getting adequate oxygen to my heart so he wants me to go to a cardiologist for more tests Monday.