Thursday, November 11, 2010

How Things Are Going Today!

I drove hubby to see his cancer Dr today to hear the results from last Friday's CT Scan. We had to wait almost an hour, and we were both pretty nervous because on his last visit with the Dr three months ago the CT Scan had shown a small glow on the left lung which meant a new cancer had appeared on the left side of his lung after it had appeared to stop growing on the right side.

The Dr finally came in to see hubby and whatever they had found on his CT Scan three months ago did not show up on this CT Scan. This scan was the same as the one from six month ago which was not showing any cancer growth.

We both took a big sigh of relief because Hubby had about decided that he did not want any more radiation or chemotherapy.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

How is hubby doing today?

I did not realize that it had been so long since I updated this blog. When I left off I was going to see a cardilogist back in December.

The day I went to see the cardiologist he did another EKG and sent me straight over to the hospital. The next day he put in four stents to unblock one artery. Since that time I have lost 20 pounds, and I have been feeling okay, but I got a long way to go before I feel up to handling what is coming.

Hubby had another CT Scan a month ago which showed that he had a lot of fluid in his lungs, and his doctor recommended that he have the fluid drained off. Hubby had the procedure done, but his lung collasped during the process, and the next day the fluid came right back. Hubby says that he is not having it done again, but he is sounding horrible. He coughs from the time he gets up off the couch until he sits back down again.

I have given up on arguing with him because it is just a waste of my time. Even after all the treatments that he has gone through he is still puffing away on his cigarettes, and he is back up to smoking almost two packs each day again.

Hubby and I were talking this morning about one of my Mom's brothers who passed aways during the night of a massive heart attack, and hubby says that it was an easy way to go. So I turned to him and asked him do you think his wife Ella felt that way when she found him dead in the bed last night? I don't think so!