Sunday, May 19, 2013

Inch By Inch

It has now been a little over a year since my hubby Steve passed away on 5/5/12 from congestive heart failure.

I had to surrender the car last August and ride the bus for a few months.  I had been saving my money and looking for a car, but everything I found was a lot more then what I had been able to save, then my brother-in-law's niece suddenly decided that she wanted to sell her 1993 Honda Civic for the exact amount that I had accumulated.  Everything fell in place so perfectly that I think that it was one of God's plans for me to have this particular car.  My little pink Honda does not have air-conditioning which is going to make it hard on me this summer, but it does seem to be a fairly dependable car that will get me where I need to go.  It is loud and needs a muffler and a speedometer though.

Our house was also foreclosed on and sold at auction in February, but my daughter and son-in-law gave me a place to live in a downstairs apartment that they had fixed up for his mother before she developed such serious health problems that she had to be put in a nursing home.  I seem to have about everything I need down here now though sometimes I still miss my hubby and get the urge to drive back to the old house and visit him though I know of course that this is crazy because he is not there anymore.

My only concerns now are paying off an enormous load of debt.  We did not have any burial insurance in place when Steve died so I still owe for his final expenses, and I was not working and did not have any health insurance when I had a heart attack in February of this year which brought me even into more debt to Parkwest Medical Center.  They are a wonderful and caring medical facility and treated me just like I was somebody even though I did not have a nickel to my name.  I will be eternally grateful to them for all their kindness.   Such kindness deserves to be rewarded with payment though, and I feel bad that I just don't have it to give to them, and I also feel bad when I am just able to send the funeral home a small portion of what they wanted in payment each month also.  It is my goal to dig my way out from under this debt inch by inch.   If I live long enough and if my fingers hold out long enough then maybe someday I will.