Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week two of Steve's Treatments

I took Steve to his chemotherapy appointment Tuesday, and while he was taking it he started talking to a couple about our age. The wife had cancer in her neck to start with, and it had spread thoughout her body in the three years that she had been taking the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He also talked to his chemotherapy doctor who told him that the plan was to send Steve to 7 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy in the hopes that the cancer would shrink enough that he could be sent to surgery to have the rest of the cancer removed along with the lower part of his lung. He came home in a very glum mood.

Wednesday he decided to go ahead and file for his disability since he will not be able to work at his job after having this surgery. I wonder how he will pay for the surgery though since he will be in ICU for three days after the surgery and in the hospital for a week. He is out of his bad mood now and I hate to get him back in it so I don't want to bring the subject up.

His boss told him yesterday that they had found him 10 more vacation days. Steve argued with him that he did not have any vacation days left, but I just wanted to hug him. It has been so hard to pay our bills lately with Steve working less then 20 hours a week. We would have not been able to pay the house and car payment which was both due this week if he had not sold his fixer upper 78 Mustang Friday so it will be nice for him to get paid for a full week for a change tomorrow.

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