Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Antique Quilted Heart Nodder

Steve needs to keep a positive attitude and does not need to be worrying about bills at the moment so I don't want to remind him that our city and county land taxes have not been paid yet, and that soon the city will be sticking our name in the newspaper along with all the other folks that have not paid their land taxes yet for this year. We really need to get the taxes paid though so I think that from time to time I will just add some of my craft and doll items here. Here is my first one.

These hearts are straight from grandma's dusty old attic. She knocked off all the cobwebs, and blew off a little of the dust to bring these cute little hearts to you. She also has some of the pink shimmery silk ribbon for cancer patients who are looking for a cure just like my hubby. Also no two of these hearts are just a like.

To order one of them click on the link below.

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