Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nagging Cough

Steve has had a nagging cough since last fall, and we finally were able to get together to take him to the doctor when my job at Jackson Hewitt was over at tax seasons end on April 16th. The doctor found something suspicious on his chest X-ray during the physical, and sent him to have a CT scan on his lungs. They also did not like what they found so they sent him to a cancer doctor who ordered a whole body CT scan, then sent him back for a head scan, then a lung biopsy, then finally a lymph node biopsy. After three weeks of waiting with a doctor's appointment somewhere just about every single day of these three weeks the doctors finally told us that he had small cell carcinoma of the lungs that had advanced to the lymph nodes giving him a C3 rating with a 50% chance of putting the cancer in remission with radiation and chemotherapy. This is the story of our fight for Steve's survival.

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