Sunday, May 31, 2009

Worrying About Paying Our Bills

I was not working now, but we had been making all our payments on time until Steve got sick. We had put our tax rebate check in the savings account, and we were trying to not spend any more of it then we had to. Then Steve started having to go to the doctor about every day for three weeks, and every time he went they wanted their co-payments. Then Breanna sprained her ankle so she had to go to the doctor which was another co-payment, then they wanted to put her in a cast which was another co-payment. Then I had a problem with my blood pressure which took three trips to my doctor and two trips to the emergency room to solve which all took co-payments. I finally picked up the nerve to look at our checking and savings account, and there was not much left. We will need about $1000 to make our payments on the first and we had less then $500 left, and with Steve working less then 20 hours per week there was just no way that we could come up with the extra. Steve has been restoring an old 1978 Mustang that he had put about $1400 in so far before he got sick. He told me to put the Mustang on Craigslist and sell it for him for $1000. It sold the next day. Our bills will be paid for this month, but I hated to see him have to sell his car to do it. I am not going to tell him that we are still going to be a little short because we still need to pay the land taxes on our house.

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