Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How are Things Going? You Decide!

I have gotten so far behind in updating. Hubby has finished his regular radiation treatments, and he has 7 more boost treatments to go. His back has what looks like a third degree sunburn on it, and he is in constant pain. His throat has been so raw from the treatments also that he has eaten very little in the past two weeks. He has also been throwing up every morning, and his hair has been falling out. I think that his hair falling out is caused by not eating, and not by the chemotherapy. He has been on a lot of different medications including a pain patch, and he started having prostrate problems two weeks ago so he went to see Dr Peters his family doctor yesterday. Dr Peters thought that hubby's problem was caused by an infected hair and wanted to put him on three types of antibiotics, but when we went to pick them up we found that these three antibiotics were going to cost almost $85 even after the insurance paid their share, and Steve told me to just forget about them because we just did not have that much cash left. I wanted to look up the common reactions to his pain patch because his symptoms started about the time that he started taking them, and sure enough the common reaticons to this medicine was throwing up and difficulty urinating. It did not say anything about the swelling, but I am pretty sure that this was caused by the pain patch also. Hubby took off his pain patch last night, and I do not know how things will go with him today.

I am stressed out. We have never had much extra, but our bills were always paid, and I always thought that if we had something to eat and the bills were paid then we were doing okay. We sold an old 1978 Mustang that hubby had been fixing up last month to pay July's bills, and now hubby is trying to sell his work truck to pay August's bills. His work truck is an automatic 1991 Ford F150; and the only thing wrong with it that I know of is that the brakes grab a little when you first use them, the right side door handle has came loose, and it has two scratches in the exterior paint. Hubby is asking $1100 for his pickup, but everyone that has looked at it has been trying to get him to come down on the price instead of buying it. I don't know what is wrong with people, but I am not complaining because I don't want him to sell his truck anyway. Somehow we will get through this. Maybe hubby will start getting his early retirement checks on August first, and since they will owe him for July and August both then we should have enough to pay everything. Until then we just got to make do.

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