Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hubby is in Pain This Week.

Hubby has been sick and throwing up since he left the radiation lab Friday. His throat is raw and sore and he has blisters in his mouth so he has eaten very little over the weekend. All he ate Monday was half a pickle and some ice cream. I don't think that he ate anything at all Tuesday. He got out of taking his radiation treatment yesterday because he was sick, and today the radiation treatment machine was down so he got out of it again. Now he is saying that the machine was down Friday and Monday when they gave him his treatment because it about cooked him. He was happy that he did not have to take it today, and says that he is not taking it again until he talks to his radiation doctor who will not be back in until Friday. He also did not have to take his chemotherapy treatment today because his white blood cell count was down to low. Sounds like getting him to take any more treatments is going to be a battle.

After his chemotherapy visit was canceled today I took him in to where he used to work to get their help with some paper work for his retirement benefit from IAMS, and he seemed to enjoy the visit. He went off to visit with the guys he had worked with while Kim helped me with the legal papers that IAMs wanted filled out. He weighed himself on their industiral scale while he was off visiting the guys, and told me that he was down to 207 pounds now. I think that he looks better now then he did back before we found out that he has lung cancer, but his doctor is still concerned that he is losing to much muscle.

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